Best Imagine Dragons’ Songs

If you don’t know who Imagine Dragons are, maybe you live on another planet. Imagine Dragons is a rock band based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Many songs from Imagine Dragons has topped the charts including mp3 juice chart. The band already received many awards from prestigious music awards like Grammy. If you love alternative, rock music, then Imagine Dragons songs are a must listen! Check their songs below.

Best Imagine Dragons’ Songs On Mp3 Juice

Below are the songs from Imagine Dragons that top the chart on mp3 juice.

  • Demons

One of the solid tracks from their debut album, Night Visions. Demons placed number 6 on the Billboard chart. This song has taken a place in many people’s heart. This song tells about depression. Dan Reynolds, the lead singer, has battled over depression. And he found a way to pour his feeling through music in such a relatable and beautiful way. Many people can relate to this song since a human has their own demon in their mind which can lead to depression.


  • Believer

This song is so familiar since many movies use Believer as the soundtrack. This song is from Imagine Dragons’ 3rd studio album. Many critics praise this song since the very first time Believer is release. This song also put Imagine Dragons on the music map since they received many awards and done much promotion with their third album. Moreover, a super bowl and also features this song. The theme of Believer is really beautiful. When you are down, you can listen to this song and you will feel good.


  • Thunder

Thunder is one of the sings that Imagine Dragons released back in 2017. The song is really interesting. Thunder is perfect for a teenager or young adult since they often feel barriers they face. They can feel powerful when they listen to this song and rise!

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