Creative Hands Can Make Good Things

In creative hands, used goods can be transformed into high-selling goods. One of them is furniture reclamation, furniture (furniture) which material wood former fishing boat.

It is not known exactly who and when the boatwood furniture began to boom in Indonesia. However, there is a story that is growing in the community is the wood furniture of this ship began the trend after the tsunami disaster of Aceh 2004 ago. After the tragedy, it is said that very many wrecks are shipwrecked on the mainland. By creative people, these shipwrecks were later revolutionized into a variety of furniture that is now widely found in the market. In the hands of creative people with creative ideas, managed to conjure the wood of this shipwreck into a furniture that has aesthetic and high selling height.

in the market now, there is furniture that is really made of wooden ships, there is also furniture that deliberately finishing like wood ships. Characteristics of wooden ships generally have post holes, black colors used oil, and sometimes there are still small shells attached. And all of it was deliberately left/maintained to look natural.

Fear Of Sun

Boatwood furniture is known to have very strong characteristics because the wood used to make the vessel is certainly not wood at random, but the woods of choice (strong) that can survive when hit by the waves. “Wood ships differ from jukung wood (boat). If the jukung wood I usually let the shape and used as a shelf (named jukung shelf) that can function as a wine bottle rack, “said one of the craftsmen

In addition, the frequent sailing vessels submerged in seawater make the wood of the ship stronger and cannot be eaten by termites. So furniture made of wood ships are very strong and durable. Unlike the new wood furniture. Although very strong, it turns out wood crafts are very fragile if often exposed to sunlight. Therefore, Craftsmen asserted that boatwood furniture is more suitable placed in the room. Treatment simply wiped alone.