Enjoying Holiday By Riding Elephants

There is a place which claimed as the best place to ride elephants in Bali. Years ago, we just can bathe elephants, right now we can also ride them. Near Melangit River, there is a place where you can ride an elephant. The tour is one-hour long. You will ride an elephant while enjoying the fresh air that only exist in the village. Your soul will be refreshed by seeing the green valley and rice paddies. You will get a typical village background at your east, while you are able to enjoy the beautiful view of Nusa Penida Island at your west. Imagine the combination between the green view of natural beauty and the blue view of the sea as you riding elephant like a King.

The Best Place To Ride Elephants In Bali

Bakas Village is indeed the best place to ride elephants in Bali. Not only seeing the incredible scenery, but you will also learn the villager’s activities at their local markets, traditional home, and other places near the village. At a certain time, you can see Balinese traditional ceremonies such as temple ceremony, marriage ceremony, death ceremony, and others. You can get all of these by only riding an elephant for one hour. Your journey will be safe since the elephants are well-trained and many professional guides will accompany you during the tour.

You don’t hurt the elephants by riding them. The tour is also to raise awareness of not hurting animals. All of the elephants there are live happily and healthily. No one is getting hurt from this activity. The tour is under government control so everything is okay. An animal lover can enjoy the tour comfortably since the elephants are maintained in their natural habitat. The best place to ride elephants in Bali also gives the passengers friendly guide, insurance, lunch, and souvenirs. This tour will be remembered as a good memory in your life.