Where to Go in New Zealand?

New Zealand is not only famous for the kiwi or the sheep. But this beautiful country has best places to travel. Have you ever watched The Lord of the Rings? This fantasy movie based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel is filming almost all of the scenes in New Zealand? Even Narnia also filming there. Do you want to see the real Middle Earth? Or The Hobbiton? You need to go to New Zealand. This country is divided into 2 main island which is the North Island and the South Island. The north one offers metropolitan destinations since the capital city of New Zealand is here as well as the largest city in this country. As for the south one, it offers more natural and more adventure places to visit.

Best Places to Travel in New Zealand

One of best places to travel in New Zealand in Auckland. As the largest in New Zealand, Auckland is an ideal place to start your holiday in New Zealand. At least spend two days here before you go to other places in New Zealand.  There are many museums that can broaden your knowledge about New Zealand’s culture. The city is a walkable city so you can go strolling around the city comfortably. You will know the history, the culture, the people, and the art if you try to explore the city.

The next stop is Christchurch. This place is located on the South Island which means more adventure and nature! Although 4 large earthquakes knocked down the city back in the September 2010 and December 2011, Christchurch still has the uniqueness that attracts many people’s heart. The most popular place in this city is still the famous Botanic Garden. The place is an Instagrammer’s dream. There are many beautiful spots to capture with your camera. Besides this garden, there are still many other best places to travel in Christchurch such as Port Hills, Godley Head Walk, and Antigua Boat Sheds.