Heart Attack Comes Anytime

The study, published on national news, says that divorced people are more vulnerable to heart disease than those who are still married to the same age. The study was conducted on middle-aged men and women who have divorced. In addition to heart disease, men are at higher risk for other diseases after divorce, such as high blood pressure, depression, cancer, drug abuse, and suicide which causes the death rate of men after divorce may increase to about 250%. Therefore, it is very important to know the first aid for someone who has a heart attack. If someone suddenly has a heart attack.

Knowing First-Aid Heart Attack to Save Lives

The first thing you should do is to get the patient to sit down and try to stay calm. He can sit on a chair, on the floor, or lean against a wall. Sitting on the floor makes them less at risk of injury if they pass out. Loosen all the clothes of the victim. If he has been prescribed nitroglycerin drugs before by a doctor, soon you give him. The trick is to put the tablet under the tongue, not swallow it with a boost of water like drinking drugs in general. If the patient has no history of bleeding or allergies, the patient may be given a 325-mg aspirin to chew. Avoid giving anything through the mouth, except nitroglycerin or other drugs that have been prescribed before. Then, Call the nearest help if you feel panic but never leave the patient alone. Give positive persuasive while waiting for the ambulance to arrive and never wait until the symptoms pass to call for help. Also, do not persuade the patient to assume that the symptoms he is experiencing are common.

That would be the first aid if someone suddenly has a heart attack. We are supposed to be able to deal with it so that if a time comes we can help the sufferer to survive death if left.