How To Increase Breast Milk Production?

Our tips on how to increase breast milk naturally are to keep nursing your baby. Giving milk to your baby from your own breasts is good method than any other method that you can find. By breastfeeding them regularly, it can stimulate the nerves and lead to more production of breast milk. But if you feel like the production of breast milk needs an improvement, you can consider eating foods which increase breast milk production.

How To Increase Milk Naturally By Foods?

Below are the foods which can help to increase breast milk naturally. If you ask “how to increase breast milk naturally”, we will answer it with these foods below:

  1. Garlic

When it comes to increasing breast milk naturally, garlic is the best food to eat. Garlic is also famous for boosting lactation in the nursing period. It has chemical compounds which help you to increase the lactation. Moreover, it can also prevent all types of cancer including breast cancer. Garlic is also seasoning that will be always in every food. You can find garlic in the vegetable. You can also add fried garlic in your soup.


  1. Carrot

You can use a carrot to make a glass of juice. You can drink this juice at breakfast and lunch. This vegetable works great in lactation. It can also improve the quantity and quality of breast milk since carrot contains vitamin A. besides using it for juice, you can use carrot in raw or steamed to a soup.


  1. Brown Rice

The last tip on how to increase breast milk naturally is by eating brown rice. This rice can help you to enhance breast milk production. Brown rice has hormone stimulants and it is very beneficial to boost lactation.

There are more foods that good for milk production. But those three are the cheapest and the easiest to get.