Indonesia Frozen Shrimp Prawn Suppliers Best

One of Indonesia frozen shrimp prawn suppliers is PT. The young solar shaman, where PT is engaged in fisheries which is the source of its motion to help realize work program from the government Kartanegara. This will certainly provide a good relationship between the company and the government, so the technical work of these frozen shrimp companies is always supervised and targeted by the government. In addition, the processing is done by PT. Syam Solar Independent using a very good processing techniques consisting of several stages where each type of shrimp will be done the processing process that each different, between tiger shrimp or black pink processing, will be different from shrimp processing tiger and white. Here’s the explanation.

Processing Indonesia Frozen Shrimp Prawn Suppliers

The shrimp processing process for tiger and white shrimp by PT Syam Surya Mandiri which is one of Indonesia frozen shrimp prawn suppliers is the purchasing process after the next purchase is shrimp sorted after shrimp is sorted all the next step the product is weighed to prove the correct sorting. After being sorted and weigh the next step do freezing by using the content freezer, after all already frozen the next step is to do the packing, then input in cold storage then let the shrimp undergo the process. Likewise, also on the processing grooves for tiger and black pink shrimp. The first stage weighs peel, correction, stacking, CF, cold storage, and loading.

Further to peel process and split the back is also done with some process that is the first is shrimp sorted first, then shrimp peeled and the back split, the shade was done the washing, after the funny then sliced and stretch. After that the shrimp are separated based on the color difference, then weighed, arranged and inserted into poly bags. After that proceed with the process of vacuum, CF, packing, cold storage and followed by loading shrimp in cold storage. Where in the process activity consists of several activities namely the acceptance of raw materials, quality checks, sorting size, and quality correction. That is some processing done by Indonesia frozen shrimp prawn suppliers. Hopefully, this article can be useful for the readers.