Installing Above Ground Wooden Pool Deck

Wooden Pool Deck Kits

Installing an above ground wooden pool deck kits must be the perfect one, especially when the summer will come. You will need more space near your pool to get a fresh air. Moreover, this item is the perfect one for summer time since it also can be used as a place for family gathering. The wooden pool deck is chosen since it has a unique pattern and gives warm vibe. Besides, the wooden pool deck is also easy to install so that there will be no problem for any shape of swimming pool.

How To Build Above Ground Wooden Pool Deck Kits

The main reason why above ground wooden pool deck kits become popular is it is easy to install and has an affordable price. To install the wooden pool deck, you have to follow some steps. Before that, you have also chosen what kind of deck that will be installed. You have to choose the design of your pool deck as a guideline to install it easily. After you got the design, you can start to frame the floor around the pool. You can measure the area and make the frame. To make it fast, you can use galvanized metal corner brackets.

Then, the frames need to be supported so you have to set posts and piers. You can begin to set the pair of the block directly to the ground from the nearest pool then continue to place the second pier farther from the pool. After that, you can set the posts and piers then repeat the steps until you got the shape that you designed before. Laying the deck by circular technique as a common technique. For the best above ground wooden pool deck kits, don’t forget to build the guardians into the final construction. Make sure that you screwed it safely.