Losing Weight vs Losing Fat Differences

Do you know that losing weight and losing fat are not the same thing? You should know that losing weight is easier than losing fat. So, here I will tell you the difference between those things and how to lose the weight and fat here. Then, what do you prefer? Losing weight or losing fat? You better choose the loose fat than weight. Why? Here is the information.

What are the Differences between Losing and Weight and Losing Fat

You just lose your weight but not losing your fat; it is losing weight. Then, you do not lose too much weight but you lose fat; it is losing fat. You should prefer the second one because it is better for you and your health. You better have muscle than fat in your body, right? Then, you can see the ways below.

How to Lose Your Weight

  1. Sweat more every day. You can do it in the sauna if you want.
  2. Take a dump more.
  3. You should eat fewer carbohydrate. Well, this is very popular.
  4. Eat less salt.
  5. Go pees more in your days.

It is easy, right? Well, you should see how to lose fat as follow.

How to Lose Your Fat

  1. You should maintain a calorie deficit. You can do it by counting your calories needs every day. Then, you will know how to do it.
  2. You should eat protein in every meal. The protein can be anything.
  3. You should do strength train for 2 until 4 times a week.
  4. You should be flexible with your diet.

Well, those are keys for you to lose fat than only lose the weight. However, if you only need to lose your weight but not your fat; it is your own choice, then. Ok, that is all. You should know what is good for you.