Prepare To Come To West Papua

If you have planning to trip to West Papua, do not forget to prepare many things that are important to you during your trip in this place. For example, you must prepare the clothes that will be used when you come to Papua. You must prepare the clothes such as bring your jacket if you do not want to feel cold during the night when you come to Papua. You can prepare your swimming suit because West of Papua has many beaches spot location that makes you can enjoy the white sand and beautiful sea and nice sky on the beach.

Prepare To Explore West Papua

Then, do not you to forget to prepare your knowledge about the information about West Papua because, in this place, you cannot go anywhere if you do not know the tradition of this place. To come to Papua, you must obey the regulation in Papuan so Papuan will well welcome you to stay on their land. You also can learn about the language that is used in Papua if you want to have the conversation. Talk or making the discussion about Papuan, it will make you have more knowledge about Papuan. Then, if you do not want to feel alone in Papua you can invite your friend to make a trip to this place so you can make the good moment when you are in Papua.

Papua is the nice island in Indonesia country, people who stay in this land is also very kind which is not like in the other place. If you come here, you must prepare many things that you need to do in Papua. Such as you can bring your DSLR camera to capture the moment during you are in Papua and do not forget to take the video with your device s you can get high definition video because of the device and high culture thing that you found in West Papua.