Protecting Your Skin

Protecting your skin is very necessary. When you have a beautiful skin, you can wear any type of makeup that you want. Your beauty will radiate. Moreover, protecting your skin is not about beauty anymore but it also about health. So, if you want to be healthy, you can start from your skin. And to start this step, you need to apply sunscreen first.

How To Protect Your Skin?

The very first thing to do whenever you go outside is always applying sunscreen. This skincare product will protect your skin. This step is also the most important step to do when you want to protect your skin. You can’t just apply sunscreen to your face only, your whole body should be protected with sunscreen too! As we know that the sun’s UVA and UVB rays will trigger skin problems such as wrinkles, dull skin, burn, irritation, and skin cancer. If you don’t want to have unhealthy tan skin, then you need to apply sunscreen. You need to apply sunscreen every time you go outside. You need to avoid yourself using tanning beds too.

If you want to be protected from sunlight, at least you need to apply sunscreen with an SPF 15. The best method of applying sunscreen is to put in on 30 minutes before you go outside or before sun exposure. Your body can absorb the sunscreen well. After that, you have to reapply 30 minutes after you go outside. If you reapply sunscreen too early, you just have to reapply whenever you get to sweat a lot or wet. Don’t apply too much sunscreen. You just need the length of your two fingers for each area of your body. The areas that should be protected by sunscreen are face, neck, shoulder, arm, calf, thigh, and chest. Now let’s go to the nearest beauty store to find the perfect sunscreen for you.