The Consideration To Buy Laptop Under $100

Nowadays, the laptop becomes the most important thing for people’s work. Moreover, there are also some different types of a laptop with different features which let you choose the best one. For you who do not need many features in laptop and have a low budget, the laptops under 100 must be the best choice for you. Although the price is pretty cheap, there are a lot of features which still good enough for your needs. However, you still have to consider different things to get the cheapest laptop under $100

Tips To Buy Laptop Under $100

Although you will get a laptops under 100, it does not mean that you will get the bad quality of the laptop. You still have to take keen eyes to get the best laptop with affordable price. Here is some consideration when you are buying a laptop:

  • Performance

One of the most crucial features of a laptop is performance. You have to find the best laptop with high performance. At least, you have to get a laptop which will not make you frustrated when using it. You can browse the features any $100 laptop and find the speed. After that, choose the highest one.


  • Quality

Cheap does not always mean that you have to get the low-quality product. Although you get the cheapest laptop, you still have to get good build laptop, you can find the best one for Apple, Samsung, and another type of laptop which have the best quality of raw material.


  • Processor

Actually, when it is about price means it is about the processor. However, you can choose the best processor among the cheapest laptop which will support your work activities.


  • Battery Backup

Since it is a laptop, so battery backup is the most concern on. You have to check on a laptops under 100 which has greatest battery backup. The common one is 4 hours, so you can find the higher one.