Three Most Prominent Robotic Influences in Healthcare System

In the era of technology, healthcare system is also influenced by the robotics systems. There are many types of medical robots that provides significant impact in the development of the field. This article will give overviews on the most prominent types of robots in medical field.

Influential Medical Robots

The list below will explain about each types of medical robots:

  • Rehabilitation robot: this technology is an automated machine that provides live supports to elders and improve restricted body movement in disabled people. The robot that provide supports as the substitute of amputated limbs is called assistive robot, while the one that provide therapies to elders is known as rehabilitator. There are also rehabilitation robots that focus in providing assistance for the nervous systems to regenerate damaged neural connections.
  • Surgical robot: thanks to the rapid technological development, a surgical robot is now available to help human in conducting complicated surgeries with better precision. It also enables remote surgery, which means the surgeon is not physically present beside the patient. This robot is truly an important asset in medical field. It is able to perform complex surgeries, such as kidney surgeries, joint replacement, fibroids removal, heart surgery, and more.
  • Biorobot: this robot is commonly known as a bunch of robots designed specifically to replicate the cognition of humans and animals. Dentists and surgeons are able to use this robot as a training equipment. It provides a virtual situation that will help them to enhance their learning process. It also has better mobility and flexibility compared to conventional robots.

The previous paragraph has elaborated briefly about several types of medical robots that become important assets in the development of medical fields. There are still other types of robots that also play a great role, such as telepresence robot and UV disinfection robots. However, those three mentioned above are the most prominent.