Update: New Car Releases In 2018

Following the trend in previous years, at the end of 2017, people wonder what will be new in this year. New car releases in 2018 will be interesting to discuss, especially for a seven-seat car that will have tight competition among each other. There is no doubt that comes from several years ago, people enjoy themselves to have MPV or family car like this because it offers some space for their families and colleagues. This car is also offered at a high range of prices so that they can select based on their abilities. Moreover, this class is set to have lower tax payment despite sedan series. This indicates preference comes to this car easily.

Updated Car Releases In 2018

Starting from Chinese new car releases in 2018 represent by Wuling. Having good success in China, this company tries hard to compete in Indonesia market by modifying certain cars in this chance. For example, they increase the specification of the car by setting 1800cc machine replaced its original package, 1500cc. Within this specs, it will fight for markets’ acceptances as Innova. Meanwhile, Xpander also takes big surprised by adding more than 6000 units booked this year. It is more than the debuted target. People enjoy its car because of elegant design offered sophisticated.

But still, new car releases in 2018 will always be had by Toyota. Avanza seems to be a patent market for MPV class. This year, they will represent the latest series which has longer bodies and more modern design both in interior and audio capacity. People will enjoy themselves driving this car together with their partners as well. As for the high series of MPV, BRV from Honda also comes with perfection to win people’s hearts. Lots of new cars released have been updated so that people can take the decision to have the new one based on their budgets and preference.