What Is Insomnia?

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When you are unable to sleep or you can’t get enough of sleep, it means that you have insomnia. This illness can lead to many physical and mental problems. According to World Health Organization, 95 percent of Americans are suffering from insomnia during their lifetime. Insomnia can be an acute or chronic illness. Acute insomnia can last for several days or weeks. The cause of insomnia is mainly because of moderate-to-severe stress. The significant roles of insomnia can be a health issue, financial problem, or relationship problem. Yet insomnia can also cause by dietary and medical issues. Chronic insomnia can last for months or longer. Curing both acute and chronic insomnia requires many approaches such as changing our sleeping habits as well as reviewing your daily routines and medications.

How To Cure Insomnia

The first thing that you can do to cure insomnia is by improving your sleeping habits. To help cure your insomnia, you need to make your bedroom comfortable. Your bedroom should be calming and inviting as possible. It also needs to be relatively quiet even though there are many people who can sleep with some background noise. Focus on the comfort of your bedroom. You should use your bed for sleep, light reading, sex only. Avoid watching TV, studying, eating, or playing your phone in the bed.

The next thing is to make your bedroom dark. You need to make your body think that this is the time to fall asleep. So, your sleeping environment needs to be quite dark. Darkness will trigger the release of hormones which is melatonin in your brain that promote deep, good sleep. Turn off the lamp, shut down your gadget, and any other source of light. You shouldn’t use your phone in bed while the light is off. The bright screen from your phone will make you more alert and less sleepy.