What Is TelltheBell Survey?

You might ever hear that some companies will give a survey to their customers to figure out about many things related to the improvement of their service. For Taco Bell restaurant, they have a TelltheBell survey that is given to the customers, because they need the opinion from the customers about their service. Actually, the company tries the best to improve their service, so that they try to figure out the wills of the customers from the survey. Do you want to know more about this survey? For you who are curious about this survey, you can read the following paragraphs for more information about it.

Goals Of TelltheBell Survey

Even though it is slightly explained in the previous paragraphs, you still can learn about what actually the goal of this survey is. TelltheBell survey is the way in which Taco Bell will understand the customers. From the survey, the company will gather the information that the customers want. It can be the information about complain or perhaps some opinions that will give the best feedback for the company. The company has a thought that making this survey will be the best way to figure out, realize the lacking points, and become a better company with better service for the customers.

Besides that, to give the rewards to the customers, the company will give a chance by giving prizes to the customers randomly. For this period, the customers will have a chance to win over an iPad after joining the survey. Of course, it is a very nice offer to the customers. To make them become more encouraged to join the survey, the company decided to give that kind of prize. That is all the information for you about TelltheBell survey. As a good customer, of course, it would be nice if you participate in this survey.