What’s On Supercar BMW M9?

Do you need the most futuristic BMW car? You can choose BMW M9 as the best option. From the outside look, the M9 has been known as the most futuristic car. A sharp body design and white color make this car to be the best one. It has been rumored that there will be no change from its predecessor. However, there is much change from this car. You can find greater look both for design and engine power. Moreover, you can also find other interesting features for this best M9.

Interesting Features Of BMW M9

Are you interested in the tremendous BMW M9? Before purchase it, you need to know more about the features inside of this car. Here are the interesting facts about BMW type M9 which can be your guideline to buy:

  1. It is a new supercar which comes with tremendous concept
  2. The M9 body will be forced more on its sharper look that will make it looks more aggressive
  3. There will be no i8 concept inside of this car since it will be built in more minimalistic
  4. The seats will be covered with the most luxurious materials which are carbon fiber and Alcantara leather
  5. The M9 engine will be built in 3 to 3.6 liters of twin-turbocharged which are far from its predecessor which only use turbocharge
  6. The engine power can deliver up to 500-550 of horsepower
  7. There will additional power engine that can accelerate up to 800 horsepower more
  8. You can take it for $150,000 for the base model and $250,000 for the higher version

From these facts, it is truly shown that the BMW M9 is not only a futuristic car. It is one of the supercar standards which has balance performance. Although you will get the minimalistic concept, this car will bring the greatest vibe.