Which One Is Better For You?

Apple tv vs rokuTechnology gets more and more intense. The progress also always be made years by years. You can find much-sophisticated technology in nowadays era, such as Smartphone, personal computer and lately you might have seen one technology called streaming box. Well in this time that device will be discussed. Do you know what it is? It is a streaming box that will make you able to add some streaming content to your TV. Well, both products are amazing but in the end, you will choose the one right so here is Apple TV vs Roku info that you need to know so that you can choose between two.

Understand First Both Devices Between Apple TV Vs Roku

Let’s get started with Apple TV. You need to choose this one if you are always related to Apple devices just like iPhone or iPod. Well because you can enjoy watching the content of iTunes in big screen on your television. Apple also lately has been added some important apps such as Watch ESPN and HBO. Then the next feature that you can get from Apple TV is the Airplay function. This one will make you able to do streaming toward music, videos, photos from iOS devices to your television. Airplay itself will work wirelessly. The next info for Apple TV vs Roku will be next on the down below.

You need to choose Roku when you have no relation at all to iOS devices so you can choose Rokus as your option. This Roku has several advantages that you can enjoy. For example, Roku has more services and also apps which are faster than Apple though. This streaming box from Roku also provides you filler content. This one also has important service like Amazon Instant while Apple TV doesn’t have it. Roku’s remote is also available in the form of the headphone jack so you can enjoy streaming while you won’t disturb anyone else at the same time. Well, that’s it for Apple TV vs Roku, so which one should be yours?